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Galleries page blub for the top- 'Photos can never fully capture the experience if seeing Unlimited Theatre perform live but these go a small way towards showing you our often unique performance style'

The Wolf

The Castle, Wellingborough

February 2016

As part of the Regional Youth Theatre festival Our first production was Wolf, after just 6 weeks. Training the group in what was to become our physical theatre trademark. Skipping with baskets, wolf gloves and the tragic passing of the red cloak.


Nottingham Playhouse

July 2016

Devised performance as part of Youthfest at Nottingham Playhouse The piece used real life interviews from fans, parents, ambulance workers and support workers that worked on the case. Some of the cast had parents who were at the Nottingham Forest end on the day so exploring the story for the first time was a thought- provoking experience. Ensuring we delivered physical theatre and projections in a respectful way to the victims was one of the prime focuses in the rehearsal room. Remembered through scarves, Liverpool fan shirts and you’ll never walk alone.

The Monstrum

Sheffield Crucible

April 2017

Scripted performance by Kelly Smith as part of the Connections Festival This wonderful script explored an imaginary world where children are rejected when they hit teenage years and get ‘The Monstrum’. Turned out into the wilderness until they can recover the village parents are in a panic. Bolek, a scientist, is tasked with finding a cure before it is too late for his own family. Or performance took influences and the soundtrack from Nosferatu, lots of fur, caged dolls and manic scratching!


Nottingham Playhouse

July 2017

As part of Youthfest at Nottingham Playhouse This devised piece explored young people’s current obsession with social media, digital footprints, catfishing, repercussions of sharing private photos, dangers of meeting people online and obsessive dependency. Ideas were realised through rocking phones like a baby and true stories of desperate ‘losing phones’ moments.

Hansel and Gretel

Regent Theatre Stoke

November 2017

As part of Youthfest festival in Stoke- on -Trent The piece, inspired by the darkness of the Grimm’s fairy tale, took inspiration from the Kneehigh performance of the same title. Playful, humour, messy, innovative, hanging teddy bears and collections of children’s shoes! The piece certainly scared the younger children in the audience.

Who Am I

Lakeside Theatre

April 2018

As part of the Young Creative Awards and headed by Nonsuch theatre This performance was devised from a Toolbox of stimulus material, including pictures, music, text, props, objects and a plastic sheet! The group weaved together a thought-provoking piece based around a boy who had been washed up on the river of the Thames, not knowing who he was. The group were delighted to win the award and were presented certificates at the award ceremony at Nottingham Playhouse

Why we can't talk about this

York Theatre Royal

why cant we talk about this

July 2018

As part of the Regional Youth Theatre Festival Yorkshire. This devised piece explored the current explosion in teenage mental health difficulties, taking away the stigma, naming different conditions, questioning how it affects family members and addressing what is behind the rise in cases. Featuring gaffer tape over the mouth, verbatim recordings and shocking statistics.

Terra/ Earth

Bonington Theatre Theatre

Arnold and Nottingham Playhouse Theatre

March 2019

Terra follows the pressures that young people face in society today, with needing to get the best grades at school, to having the most followers on social media, to looking the right way. Where those at the bottom of the hierarchy are rejected. Slicing in 'Another brick on the wall' video and instrumental ideas the group struggle to cope with the monotony of school day and desperately wait until the school bell rings and they can immerse themselves in their phones once more. Inspired by the words of Greta Thunburg and the title of the play our performance layered in a climate change focus with plastic attacks on 'the earth' and flocking protest banners #nevertoosmalltomakeadifference. This performance was certainly what 'Unlimited Theatre' is all about.


February 2020

With Safe (Anymore) the group worked with playwright Simon Marshall to create a new piece of writing exploring an issue that was affecting their lives. ‘Safe’ examines the world that young people currently live in- where many are afraid to leave their houses through the reported incidents of knife crime in their city. Exploring parental confusion to protect their children, false reporting in the media, the school’s inability to soundly educate and being terrified of what is outside the door.out.